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This common condition can be treated in many ways and often layering treatments helps. For example, start with a good diet, low in sugar, good cleansers containing salicylic acid eg: Neutrogena® oil free acne wash, add benzyl peroxide then see how it goes.

Other useful topicals are Azeleic acid, a natural occurring acid that is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory and can help with post inflammatory pigmentation and Differin®, which is a Vitamin A particularly good for acne as it modulates keritinisation of cells and helps to decrease skin effects of inflammation.

At times, adding a course of oral antibiotics is required and if the acne is becoming cystic or scarring, then seeing a dermatologist becomes urgent for consideration of Isotretinoin.

At Laserway on Davey, we can offer skin care advice, enzyme activations or peels containing salicylic acid. A course of Healite LED treatments and laser for ongoing redness or scars. For severe acne scarring a course of Skinpen microneedling (collagen induction therapy) may help or the Genius radiofrequency needling is gold standard.

Remember with acne, any treatment is going to take a few weeks to produce change so patience is required! Also, if you are a picker, have a look at some acne patches that can prevent picking and promote healing.

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