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Capillaries/Red Dots

Capillaries/Red Dots/Spider Naevus

Laser treatment is very good for isolated red dots, spider naevi or Campbell de Morgan spots on the face and body – these respond to the heat of the laser by going a grey colour immediately then fading away over a few weeks. Some larger/thicker  spots need more than one treatment.

Spider naevi are red lesions with a darker red, sometimes raised central dot and small vessels radiating out from it. They are under high pressure and can blanch, or go white/empty when you press on them then they rapidly refill when you take the pressure off. They are totally benign and more commonly seen in children than adults and are usually under the eyes or on the nose.

They are not harmful but some parents don’t like seeing them and request removal. There are issues with doing this in children – it is not medically necessary and can be confronting having their eyes covered then having a painful laser shot, even with local anaesthetic.

Each case can be discussed individually but it is better to do this at an older age when they can give consent.

Venous lakes

Venous lakes are benign vascular lesions that occur on the lips producing a purple often raised lump. They can enlarge over time and are not harmful but can feel annoying.

The dark colour reflects the venous nature of these deep lesions and a laser with a longer wavelength such as the Cutera Excel V or the Prima by Candela are ideal.  Again, thicker lesions may require a few treatments.

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