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An Update From Dr Sue Galligan March 2024

I have just got back from the annual Australian Society of Cosmetic Dermatology  (ASCD) in Melbourne . I love this conference as all the Medical gurus of laser and skin in Australia are there and all the talks are evidence based.  There were some great speakers from Australia and all over the world.

The “buzz”word this year was GLOW – a big focus on the surface of the skin looking radiant, hydrated, smooth, with increased elasticity and even tone and texture.  There are some new bioremodelling products made of very pure hyaluronic acid that work more superficially and some good long term studies were presented showing with regular treatments the benefits persist over years.  These treatments are very safe and there’s minimal down time - perfect for those who are nervous about dermal fillers but still want skin rejuvenation and a real boost to skin .

Another hot topic was the use of polynucleotides (the little segments that make up DNA ).  These are sourced from wild salmon (salmon are not harmed !!) and can be injected very superficially around the face, including around the eye so that looks very promising for crepey skin under eye and in lids.

Salmon DNA is very similar to ours and so this product does not act as a foreign body and is broken down in the skin to completely disappear.

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