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Eyelid Reduction Surgery

Heavy upper eye lids are often an inherited problem that can make you look tired and appear older than you are.

The skin below the eyebrow becomes loose and the excess sags down creating a fold that feels heavy.  Applying eye makeup is difficult and in severe cases, the skin can be seen in the upper part of the visual field.

This loose, extra skin can be removed at Laserway on Davey under local aneasthetic, in appropriate people.  Dr Banks will assess each patient to see if it is the right treatment for them and explain the procedure.  The incision is made in the upper lid crease, so it is well hidden afterwards and usually heals very quickly.  The small sutures are removed after five days.

Sometimes some deep bruising can be felt for a couple of weeks.

The most common side effect is bruising, and this can be reduced by stopping medicines such as Aspirin/Cartia seven days prior to the procedure as well as any of the following:  Vitamin E, A and C, green tea, fish oil, glucosamine ginger, garlic and genko.

Alcohol after the procedure should be avoided for at least two days to stop bruising or swelling.

Rare complications could include a poor scar, asymmetry, infection, watery or dry eyes.  Please call our clinic if there are any queries or concerns.

After the procedure, you need to be driven home and have a quiet day, resting and sitting up as much as possible and avoid touching the area or the tapes along the suture.  You should avoid alcohol for at least two days to help minimise bruising and swelling.

Any bruising and puffiness you do get around the eyes and cheeks will gradually resolve.  Usually, one week off work is needed and although you look a lot better after that, it can take a few months before the final healing is completed.

It is a very effective rejuvenating procedure with high satisfaction rates.

Contact our friendly, knowledgeable reception staff to discuss your needs and to book an appointment.

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